Your Copy Sucks!

Most business owners and marketers at the root of their complaints when a campaign isn’t peforming begin resorting to thinking it may be as a result of many different issues. We hear all sorts of things but it always comes down to one thing…your marketing copy!

Yes, content is king but marketing is queen and she runs the household. Your copy and the way you’ve gone about investing time, money and energy to get

the services complete has been all wrong and just unproductive!

How much time have you spent searching for the right copywriter/s?
How much money have you spent?

Here is our process and all that we offer.

Content Creation Division & Process:

We would start by rather than charging you an hourly rate, such as other A-grade copywriters that charge upwards of $800/hr, we would have you fill out a form!


We create the following content upon a la carte request (From $175 and up ):

keep in mind…its called Compelling Copy for a few reasons, not just one!


  1. Amazon / Ecom:  to come up with titles, descriptions and bullets for physical products and other items you want to sell on Amazon or other ecommerce sites in your funnels.


  1. Call to action and Lead Capture: to offer free reports, free ebooks, and other bonuses, or use them as traditional “squeeze” pages in front of your sales letter. These help you create PROVEN video / audio scripts to help boost your conversion even more! Grab more email subscribers… whether you have your own product yet or not! So shockingly simple and powerful… now everyone can quickly generate Opt-in “Squeeze” Page Drafts FAST!


  1. Magic Bullet Copy: to create the sales copy / video script for a “try before you buy” type offer based on The One Thing you’re promising they’ll get within a certain amount of time, or they don’t pay. For a video sales letter, this should only be 2-3 minutes long, tops.


  1. The Million Dollar Testimonial: The EASY Way to ask your customers for awesome testimonials!

Now you can create the perfect, customized questions to ask to get people to give you million dollar testimonials.

Whether you use the tried and true “Basic Testimonial”, the “Results Testimonial” or you build your own using the Optional Questions, you can quickly and easily create just the right questions you need to ask for perfect testimonials.

One testimonial can revolutionize your business and this makes it push-button simple to get all the testimonials you could ever need! This works for email testimonials, video testimonials… ANY way you want to get that testimonial.

  1. Order Bump Scripts
  2. Origin Story Script
  3. One Time offer Need
  4. PPT optin Video Script
  5. Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  6. Special Offer Script



  • Curiosity Ad Copy
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad
  • PPC Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts

Content Creation

  • Free Reports
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts


  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Killer Headlines
  • Million Dollar Content Headline Scripts
  • Million Dollar Sales Headline Scripts
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Profitable Title Scripts

Sales Letter:

  • Long Form Sales Letter
  • Short Sales Letter
  • PPT Video Sales Letter


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